About the Board

Kuwait Urology Board (KUB) is a residency program under the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specializations(KIMS). The program was established in 2010 by a joint committee from three training centers in Kuwait. The call on the first applications for admissions was in 2011 and five residents were enrolled into the program. Since then, it has successfully graduated 8 urology specialists from its 5-year program, and currently has 16 residents at different levels of training.

Since its establishment, and in a very short time, the Kuwait Urology residency program has risen to the forefront of KIMS's surgical training programs and is one of KIMS's best and most competitive residency programs. This accomplishment is the result of the hard work and dedication of the board of directors and the residents alike. 

KUB alumni have gone on to undetake fellowships and subspecialties in the best training facilities and postgraduate programs in the world. Our current residents are recognized participants in many top international congresses and conferences, presenting scientific work and receiving numerous prestigious prizes and acknowlodgements.